Anger Can Help Couples

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Anger Can Help Couples

Anger Can Help Couples

We've all heard of how it is best to forgive and forget in a marriage, but research by Society for Personality and Social Psychology shows us otherwise. According to Montreal psychologists, there is a certain amount of anger (not aggression) that is both healthy and necessary in relationships. However, too much or too little conflict can be problematic.

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How Conflict Helps

In a relationship, both people have needs, and - sometimes - our needs are in conflict. Anger is a great tool for having blunt and honest conversations, and voicing our needs. When we understand each other's needs we can find solutions to accommodate our needs much faster. On top of that, honest conversations are a very effective test for gauging our partner's comfort-level with honesty.

The Downside of Conflicts

Having too many disagreements are a sign that maybe we're not fit for each other. It is far too common for couples to spend the early months of their relationships behaving nicer and more leniently than they otherwise would. We can increase our chances of a long-term relationship by simply filtering out potential mates with whom we having nothing in common with. A great way to do this is by having an honest conversation.

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