Depression and Heart Disease

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Depression and Heart Disease

Depression and Heart Disease

Did you know? Based on a recent study by the Intermountain Medical Center, depression increases the risk of death, particularly in the presence of heart disease. According to Montreal psychologists, there are many behaviors that increase the risk of heart disease and exacerbate heart disease if we already have it. Depression often increases such behaviors.

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Why Depression Increases Our Risk

Depression increases our risk, due to the behaviors that usually come with depression.

What are these risky behaviors? We tend to:

  • Reduce our physical activity
  • Eat a poor diet
  • Increase our smoking or alcohol use
  • Neglect medical treatments

It is very important that we detect depression in its early stages. In doing so, we can reduce our risk of heart disease with a psychologist.

How Can I Know if I Have Depression?

With a psychologist. Call Now for a diagnosis.

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