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Psychology of Morality

Psychology of Morality

Did you know? According to an analysis by cognitive scientist Dr. Markman, the human brain correctly perceives moral impurity as being disgusting. As such, psychologists consider moral judgements to be closely linked to disgust sensitivity.

Embracing Disgust

In the case of moral judgements, disgust can serve as a useful gut instinct against unethical things, such as treason, anti-social individualistic behavior, social disconformity, unhygienic personal practices, sexually deviant behavior, and so on and so forth. In addition, disgust is associated with social ostracism of impure individuals; the most likely explanation for this is that disgusting acts (such as unethical behavior) are associated with disease and disgust acts as an excellent deterrent. Consider the case of bestiality: our disgust towards such behavior allows us to avoid animal disease.

Low Disgust Sensitivity

Not everyone is equally disgust sensitive. As such, some have higher moral standards than others, and as a result, divergent moral values arise that can create conflict in proximity. For that reason, it is recommended to surround ourselves with people who are more or less equally as disgust sensitive as us.

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