The Multi-Award-Winning CDB is proud to present its

C.O.N.E.C.T. Workshop

Connection, Openness, Needs, Expression, Care, Teaching

CONECT Workshop

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When: February 10th from 12pm to 3pm

Where: Online or in-person at 2550 Bd Daniel-Johnson Suite 400, Laval, Quebec, H7T 2L1

Do You Believe:

  • In safeguarding the unity and sanctity of your family?
  • You could improve your communication with those around you?
  • You could have better professional relationships?

Canada’s crisis of family breakdown is a systemic tragedy, which victimizes innocent children. Adversity is a reality of life which is why investing in the resilience of a family is a parental responsibility. One of the most important factors in your family’s resilience is how you communicate with your partner. Another important factor is the emotional consequences of suboptimal professional relationships which spill over into one’s familial life.


For more information, see Why C.O.N.E.C.T. This workshop can:

  • Increase the resilience of your relationships in the face of adversity
  • Enhance your ability to resolve conflicts.
  • Increase your understanding of your communication styles and distress patterns.
  • Increase the quality of your relationships.

This workshop also includes a personality test that you gives an extensive report on your custom profile which includes the following:

  • Your personality parts, personality types, and personality structure
  • Your character strengths
  • Your interaction styles
  • Your communication channels
  • Your environmental preferences
  • Your psychological needs
  • Negative behaviors related to psychological needs
  • An action plan to help you improve distress, and as such communication effectiveness


  • Part I - Introduction: $350 / person
  • Part II - Application: $200 / person
  • Receipts can be provided under the following services: psychology services or couples and family therapy.

If you are coming to improve your skills for your relationship, we recommend that you sign up with your partner.