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Announcement #1: Everyone must rest assured that we are dedicated to keeping our staff and clients safe. We are taking every measure necessary to ensure that Clinic Dr. Bita remains a permanent Safe-Zone for everyone. We have been monitoring the situation and will continue to do so; we foresee no service interruptions.

Announcement #2: People with cold / flu symptoms are hereby asked to stay home. Reminder: We offer video sessions.

Announcement #3: Anyone returning from international trips are hereby asked to stay home and take advantage of video sessions for a period of two (2) weeks.

Announcement #4: In compliance with the law, we invite our clients to wear their masks, in the waiting area (not required while in session).

Tip #1: Avoid as much physical contact with people and things, as possible.

Tip #2: If possible, disinfect what you are about to touch (e.g. mouse, keyboard, etc.).

Tip #3: Always keep an arm's length distance from everyone around you.

Tip #4: Wash your hands at least every hour (or immediately after touching a surface that hasn't been disinfected), preferably with soap.

Tip #5: Avoid crowded places. If possible, avoid public transit.

Tip #6: If possible, cough into a tissue and discard the tissue. Otherwise, cough into your elbow, not your hand.


Last Updated: 1/10/2020

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