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Art therapy is a very effective branch of therapy at our Montreal clinic; one that involves the use of a wide variety of art materials, such as charcoal, pastels and paint for reflection and self-expression. Our art therapist in westmount, Montreal can help you express your feelings, needs and concerns via artistic expression. According to research studies and our Montreal art therapist, it is an effective therapy in working with children, teens, and the elderly. As our westmount art therapist notes, artistic talent is not a prereqUIsite to benefiting from art therapy. In fact, it is not about talent, but about self-expression! Our westmount art therapist then discusses and explores these drawings, to help identify underlying thought patterns that may be at play. Often, many find complex thoughts and feelings hard to express with words. By exploring these images, the client creates an opportunity for self-exploration. Metaphorically, art therapy at our Montreal clinic is a springboard; one that explores personal issues that get in the way of living a satisfying and full life.

Art Therapy for Children?

If you are looking for a child psychologist for your kid, you may consider art therapy beforehand. Our art therapist in westmount / Montreal is specialized in working with children and applies different activities such as art, play, story-telling, role-playing with poppets, etc. to help kids improve their behavior at home and at school. Kids who may have a hard time finding friends and/or maintaining them, or are experiencing anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, grieve, life transitions, parents separation, etc. can benefit from art therapy.

What is the difference between a child psychologist and an art therapist?

An art therapist holds a masters and/or a doctoral degree in Art Therapy. An art therapist does not diagnose mental health disorders but he/she can work with your child to help work on fears, anxieties, sadness, depression, identify issues, anger issues, frustration and disappointment. A child psychologist holds a masters and/or a doctoral degree in psychology and is specialized in working with children. A child psychologist is able to diagnose and administer assessments to evaluate IQ, cognitive developmental level, ADHD, Autism, and etc. Often, if schools are concerned that a student is not on the same cognitive level as his/her classmates or is having a hard time in class will ask parents to have their kid assessed by a child psychologist. However, if the child is having behavioral problems, they may be referred to an art therapist.

Art therapy for kids with special needs

Our art therapist in westmount also offers her services to children with special needs such, children with autism, developmental delay, LANGuage developmental delay etc., to help them increase their self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and enhance their well-being. Moreover, she provides supportive therapy for parents and siblings of children with special needs to help them understand their world.

Can art therapy help children?

Since children are naturally creative, it is easier for them to draw a picture rather than answering questions. Most of the kids are reluctant to discuss certain sensitive issues, such as their anger, anxieties, fears, loss to death, abuse, etc. As such, forcing them to talk about these issues may only create more distance between them and the therapist. While an art therapist does not focus on the verbal aspect of the therapeutic relationship, her core goal is to help the children escape from their anger, anxieties and fears while making sense of their problems. Kids have the opportunity of re-experiencing their emotions, within a play, story, or an art activity. Art therapy is more than just pure therapy, it is a learning process in which children learn new aspects of themselves and have the opportunity of seeing a different face of their negative emotions.

Who can benefit from art therapy:

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