Clinical Executive Coaching

Clinical Executive Coaching, CEC, is geared towards helping individuals in leadership positions at companies, organizations, and in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Executives face particular challenges. These challenges might include coping with packed schedules, multitasking, handling conflicts among employees, starting new businesses, managing businesses, working hard and yet not advancing, promotions (or lack thereof), opportunities missed or gained, communication skills necessary to lead and inspire, and performance vital to business and success. These tasks can seem daunting and challenging. Therapists at Clinic Dr. Bita, a multi-award-winning psychology clinic, can help.

Therapists can assist you in improving leadership skills, increasing your adaptability to match the increasing demands and / or changes within the organization, increase your confidence to match the increased responsibilities post-promotion, improve your management skills and task delegation strategies, identifying and utilizing individual strengths to achieve specific goals, empowering decision making and problem solving skills, building effective relationships and team performance, improving communication, handling conflicts and difficult relationships, and helping individuals reach their full potential and attain their dreams. Therapists can guide you in identifying and setting leadership goals, gaining clarity about what success means and how to reach one’s full potential, improving emotional and adaptive intelligence, shifting beliefs and behavioral patterns in order to better serve one’s most powerful and capable self.