Services for Therapists

Education, Training, & Supervision

The long-established Multi-Award-Winning CDB is a mental health clinic who provides clinicians the tools and resources to make a lasting difference in their communities. At CDB, we believe that excellence in mental health care is a moral right of all humanity and the noble obligation of an ethical therapist. It is in that spirit that CDB proudly presents therapists with the opportunity to expand and perfect their skills thanks to CDB's services for therapists:

DBN Members are entitled to discounts; see DBN's professional development services for more information. To inquire about CDB's services for therapists or to apply for employment, feel free to send us your CV at [email protected].


CDB has developed a number of psychology and psychopharmacology courses which are available at DBN Elite. Some of these courses are accredited for continued education credits while others are accredited for the fulfillment of permit requirements.

DBN Elite also offers the CDB-developed Applied Clinical Therapy (ACT) program. Upon completion, the student can practice as a clinical CBT/DBT coach and meet the prerequisites for professional Colleges' requirements.


CDB currently trains therapists in the Process Communication Model (PCM). Corporate PCM training is offered separately from CDB's services for therapists.

PCM for Therapists

What is PCM: Created by Dr. Taibi Kahler, the Process Communication Model® (PCM) is the world’s premier tool that is based on human behavior. It enables the user of PCM to understand how and why people communicate.

Where can you apply PCM: It can be used to help improve relationships with family, friends, and in the workplace. It can also be used in a corporate context towards business ends.

When can PCM be used: Regardless of the settings, the PCM model can be used to enhance one’s ability to assess, connect, motivate, manage, resolve conflict, and build trust and rapport with others. It can also be used to assess one’s communication skills and to enhance personal understanding of oneself and their interpersonal relationships.

Why PCM: The PCM model will help you comprehend people’s behavior and how to effectively communicate with them. The program will also teach you how to find resolutions to miscommunications and conflict.


Excellence in Client Outcomes

What do we offer?

  • One hour of group supervision per month
  • Access to a comprehensive online clinical system with calendars, online bookings, online note-keeping, and invoicing
  • Access to individual supervision (upon request and some conditions apply)
  • Direct supervision & training by an experienced registered psychologist
  • The name and license number of a registered psychologist, on clients’ invoices
  • Access to HCAI (MVA), WSIB platform (additional annual fee)
  • Additional mental health platforms à la carte

Other Opportunities:

  • Continued education credits at reduced rate for the supervisees
  • Additional training, such as couples therapy, family therapy, systemic approach, etc.
  • For an additional fee, the exclusive opportunity to demonstrate to your clients on your website that your practice is supervised by CDB (includes the use of our logo; conditions apply)

Application Forms: