How Psychotherapy Helps

Psychotherapy is offered by a mental health professional, either a psychologist or psychotherapist. It is easy to assume that these two professionals are one and the same thing. A psychologist usually studies behavior. He / she will assess and diagnose conditions. Psychotherapists treat mental problems but do not diagnose, and this mainly related to the difference in their education and training.

Professional psychotherapists

Moreover, accessing a psychotherapist is as easy as getting in touch with Clinic Dr. Bita or booking online. Not only our psychotherapists will carry out assessments and diagnose (done by a psychologist) various mental conditions, but also assist with the treatment. One of the main goals of psychotherapy is to give the client hope that change/treatment is possible. This is exactly what we will do for you. We have a team of highly trained psychotherapists. If you feel like you have lost all hope or like your problem is irreparable, then you should make a point of seeing our psychotherapists.

What does psychotherapy do for you?

Our psychotherapists will guide you step by step to determine the specific root of the problem. After determining the cause of the problem, the next thing that must be done is to develop a treatment strategy. The psychotherapist will guide you in identifying the best solution to your problem. These are just some of the many things psychotherapy will do for you. Make a point of contacting any of our psychotherapists to find out more.