You (You, Your, Yours) warrant the following:

  • You are the recipient - or the legal guardian of a child under 14 years of age who is the recipient (Child) - of the services provided by Clinic Dr. Bita Inc. (Us, We, Our, Ours).
  • You have read these Terms.
  • You consent - on behalf of You or Your Child - to receive Our services under these Terms.

1. Children

This clause does not apply if you are not the legal guardian of a Child. You agree to confirm the validity and accuracy of the information provided by your Child, if We require confirmation from You. You understand that the terms and conditions within the 4th clause of these Terms entitled Confidentiality applies to Your Child, with the sole exception that relevant information pertaining to the services provided to Your Child by Us, will be shared with You, in accordance with the Laws of the Province of Quebec. You warrant Your Childs compliance of the remainder of these Terms where applicable as indicated, and agree to assume full liability for any fees due for noncompliance of these Terms. You warrant that if legal guardianship of Your Child is shared with a 2nd legal guardian, he or she has also read, understood, and agreed to these Terms.

2. Informed Consent

Hereinafter, the services offered by Us shall be referred to as Services. 3rd Party Contractors providing Services on Our behalf and/or by employees of Ours will be referred to as Therapist or Therapists. You warrant having been fully informed by Your respective Therapist of the nature of and any risks associated with – Services. You warrant that You have been provided with sufficient time and information to provide informed consent.

3. Sessions

Appointment or Appointments when referring to more than 1 shall refer to any bilateral arrangement(s) between You and Your respective Therapist, wherein You or Your Child and Your Therapist meet. Any Appointment with a precise date, time, location, and email record of the arrangement with the precise date, time, and location indicated therein shall be referred to as Session, or Sessions when referring to more than 1. You understand that Sessions may be canceled or rescheduled by leaving a voice mail to +1-855-382-2482 or +1-514-999-2482 for our administrative team.

You agree that Session fees are payable immediately after Your Session; If you need to cancel a Session, You agree to cancel Your Session at least 24 hours prior to Your Session; in the event that You fail to comply with this provision, you agree to pay an administrative fee equal to the amount of Your Session fee, payable upon cancellation. You agree that if Your Session fee is paid online, the same cancellation policy applies.

You understand that an invoice – serving as proof of Our Service(s) provided to You and Your accounts payable to Us – will be issued to You by Us with reasonable delay following Your Session; a receipt – serving as proof of payment – will be issued to You by Us with reasonable delay upon payment. You agree to keep any invoice or receipt issued to You in the event that You require them in the future. You agree to pay Us $5 for each additional issuance of an invoice or receipt, should you require one.

You agree to pay Us $25 for each returned (bounced) check, payable upon Us receiving the notice. You understand that if more than 2 cheques are returned, we reserve the right to refuse additional cheques. You agree that Your accounts payable to Us shall carry a monthly non-compound interest of 2% (Interest). We reserve the right to request immediate payment of all or part of Your balance, and You agree to comply with Our request by the date indicated in Our notice to You, at the latest.

You agree that Our official form of correspondence with You is via email. You agree that these Terms are the full agreement, and no other arrangement shall supersede these Terms. Should a situation arise that these Terms do not address or do not apply, You understand that an arrangement can be made with Us via email to resolve your issue. These Terms are subject to change, at Our discretion; You agree to review these Terms for any changes made.

4. Confidentiality

In the event that Your Therapist(s) requires supervision by Dr. Bita for training purposes, You consent for Your Therapist to be supervised by Dr. Bita (which involves some degree of disclosure). Your Therapist does not disclose information about You except what has been formally authorized by You in writing, or verbally and urgently, or if required by law; for example, Your Therapist may disclose to a security officer who is protected by professional secrecy to prevent an act of violence, not to commit suicide, should the Therapist reasonably believe that an imminent danger of death or serious injury threatens You, identifiable groups of people, etc. In any case, the Professional can only communicate this information to the person(s) exposed to this danger, their representative, or those capable of providing them security.

In the event that You and Your significant other(s) are jointly seeking counseling services for Your relationship(s), You understand that Your Therapist is required to maintain confidentiality, and may withhold relevant information from Your significant other(s) and/or You.

5. Reimbursement and Litigation

In the event that We are required to resort to the use of legal services for purposes of collecting Your accounts payable to Us, You agree to pay Us the full amount of your balance, in addition to the costs We incurred for the aforementioned legal services and 15% of any court-related costs. You understand that by agreeing to Our Terms, You recognize the jurisdiction of the Province of Quebec (QC) and agree to abide by the verdicts of QC courts.

6. Severance

Henceforth, any clause within these Terms of Consent shall be referred to as Clause, or Clauses when referring to more than 1. You agree that if Clause is determined by any court or other competent authority to be unlawful and/or unenforceable, other Clauses will continue in effect. You agree that if any unlawful and/or unenforceable Clause would be lawful or enforceable if part of it were deleted, that part will be deemed to be deleted, and the rest of the Clause will continue in effect.