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Clinic Dr. Bita - Montreal Psychologists

Psychologists at Clinic Dr. Bita's Montreal clinic, near Metro Vendome (Westmount).
4999 Rue Sainte-Catherine (102), Montreal, QC, H3Z1T3
Toll Free: 855-382-2482

Founded in 2012, this was our first psychologist clinic and the start of a wonderful journey for our psychologists in Montreal. Over the years, we have proudly served the people of Montreal with treatment to a wide array of mental health-related troubles, and look forward to providing even more in the near future by leading the way in the area of psychological prevention.

Prevention is always the best cure; it saves us the time and money we'd otherwise have to spend on a psychologist. Prevention starts with a proper upbringing and healthy habits. In fact, so many psychological issues can be avoided simply by avoiding bad habits that increase the risks of psychological disorders, such as alcohol / drug use, promiscuity, and corporal punishment in childhood.

Clinic Dr. Bita - Laval Psychologists

Psychologists at Clinic Dr. Bita's Laval clinic, near Carrefour Laval.
2572 Boulevard Daniel-Johnson (243), Laval, QC, H7T 2R3
Toll Free: 855-382-2482

Within a couple of years, our Montreal clinic was so successful, we were even accomodating residents from Laval. Eventually, it occurred to us that Laval residents did not have a psychologist clinic in Laval that quite meets their needs. As a result, we decided to open our Laval clinic to the people of Laval.

The opening of our Laval clinic was highly beneficial to Laval residents, due to the sheer convenience and lower cost of no longer having to drive all the way to Montreal. We are proud to have made a positive change for our environment and Laval residents by providing a reduction in gasoline consumption and travel time.

Clinic Dr. Bita - West Island Psychologists

Psychologists at Clinic Dr. Bita's West Island clinic, near TransCanada Highway.
6500 Route Transcanadienne (486), West Island, QC, H9R 0A5
Toll Free: 855-382-2482

Shortly after the opening of our psychologist clinic in Laval, we realized that Laval residents recognized the new clinic solely based on our main brand name - Clinic Dr. Bita - and thus, instantly knew exactly what to expect from our clinic, whereas they would otherwise have to ask the same questions every time. This begged the question: Do West Island residents have the same priviledge?

The answer was a big fat no. There are so many psychologists in West Island that we only imagine the hassle of having to go through all of those psychologists. It would be absolutely unfair to deprive the people of West Island with the same priviledge of brand recognition that the people of Laval and Montreal enjoy. Hence, we launched our psychologist clinic in West Island and our proud to have served the people of West Island with their psychological needs, ever since.

Clinic Dr. Bita - Brossard Psychologists

Psychologists at Clinic Dr. Bita's Brossard clinic, near Cineplex.
9160 Boulevard Leduc (410), Brossard, QC, J4Y 0E3
Toll Free: 855-382-2482

Although our psychologist clinic in West Island was launched to deal with the hassle of too many psychologists, we launched our psychologist clinic in Brossard to deal with the lack of options in that area. In fact, we could not find a single psychologist in Brossard, at that time. As such, we now serve the great people of Brossard with the same access to our psychologists that the people of Montreal, Laval, and West Island enjoy.


Psychologists and psychotherapists working at Clinic Dr. Bita, cover a wide area in Ontario, especially Toronto and surrounding. Our therapists have various specializations such as trauma, anxiety, substance abuse and addiction, sexual dysfunction and relationship difficulties. Our Toronto psychotherapists work with children, teens, and adults.

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