Being a psychology clinic, personal privacy is at the root of our policies. We stand at the cutting edge of Canadian and international privacy policies such as the new European GDPR policies.

Our principles are:

1. Minimum Collection

Our goal is to collect only minimum of information from our clients, andthen only to the extent that it allows us to provide a better service to them.

2. Consent

We only collect information from you with your informed consent. Where collecting personal information is desirable to provide any of our services, we inform you upfront of the personal information we need to collect to this end, and we obtain your written consent to collect this information from you;

3. Use

We understand that your informed consent is only be given once the client understands how the information will be used. We ensure that our clients understand the nature and extent of the use of the information by us;

4. Third party disclosures

We do not without the consent of our clients disclose, market, licence or sell any information collected by us to third parties or allow them to see or use it. However, our privacy policies do not cover the links within this site to other websites.

5. Access and accountability

We provide our clients with full access to the information that we collect from them to allow them to ensure that this information is still correct and relevant. We correct any errors in the information immediately upon request.

6. Return to clients

We undertake to return information collected from customers on their request, and to delete from our records information that is so returned or is no longer required. The only exception to this is where the retention of the information by us is required by law, for instance for income tax purposes.

7. Safeguards

We ensure through cutting edge technology that information collected by us is protected from access from unauthorized persons, and that this information can only be accessed by personnel who need this information to provide the services requested and have signed a Confidentiality and non disclosure agreement in this regard;

8. Cookies

We use cookies in order to track how you use and experience our website build anonymous statistical data about how our website is performing, and to power the personalisation of website content to you.