Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is of great importance. Married or still dating, you may benefit from couples therapy, as it is an effective way to make a relationship work out. It is highly recommended in just about all relationships such as, romantic, friendships or parent/child relationship.

The challenge of couples therapy

It would not be couples therapy if you go in alone. However, if the therapist deems it necessary to discuss issues with individuals to make things work out, then it is fine to go in alone. We have been offering residents of Montreal and westmount approved and effective counselling for couples. The goal is always to enable the couple to resolve their problems and make their relationship work. If you are looking for effective couples therapy in Montreal, then don’t hesitate to contact Clinic Dr. Bita. We will make sure that you get the assistance you need in order to get your relationship on the right track.

What Happens In Couples Therapy?

Usually when people go in for couples therapy, there is a breakdown in the communication lines. It is hard for them to communicate with each other. They cannot express their feelings towards each other concerning various issues easily. As such, one of the things our psychologists and couples counselors will help you do is rebuild your communication. Another thing that happens in couples therapy is resolution of problems. The therapist will help the two of you determine exactly what is affecting your relationship and help you find solutions to the problem. Couples therapy does work! Just like any other problem early detection and intervention is the key.

Contrary to popular opinion, therapy for couples does not necessarily mean that things “are so bad that we need help”. Early detection of a problem between couple means a simple consult can be helpful and sufficient. Any couple may experience difficulties at some point of their relationship. Having children, growing as a family, and becoming more successful at your work, all means transition and adjusting to the new situation. In this transition, couple's needs are pushed back for the greater needs of the kids, career and finances. The result is stress, poor communication, loss of interest in one another and growing distance between partners. That means that couples therapy is not needed only when bad things happen.

We have the professionals to help you sort out your problem and bring the excitement back into your relationship.