Depression Symptoms

Depression hurts. You are not alone.

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Depression is a killer condition. Many are the people who take it is as a joke. It is therefore not uncommon to hear someone say that they are depressed. While they might be genUInely depressed, there are cases of people who have been put down completely by depression. Every single aspect of their lives is destroyed by this dreadful psychological condition. Anyone can suffer depression, but it can manifest itself differently. In women depression tends to manifest itself as low energy, depressed mood, and increased crying, while men demonstrate increased irritability and anger. On the bright side, it is possible to detect when you are depressed or slipping into it. Depression symptoms are rather conspicuous although it is also possible to miss out on them.

Are you depressed?

Knowing the symptoms of depression is a smart way to keep yourself free from the condition. However, there is always the risk of misdiagnosing yourself and this is why we always encourage people to visit our therapists in Montreal and westmount. At the Integrative Clinic Dr. Bita, we are keen on providing our clients with psychotherapy services in Canada. This is one of our main objectives. Getting in touch with any of our professional psychologists will not only help you find out the signs of depression, but also access treatment for the same in Montreal and westmount. The symptoms for this condition vary from one individual to the next. As such, it is of important that you seek help from a professional to determine whether you are actually depressed or if you have another condition bothering you.

What age group is at risk?

One thing worth noting about depression is that it is completely non-discriminative. It can affect anyone from any age group and at any time. Usually it starts out mildly and it is at this point that it is best to treat it. The moment it gets out of control then it can cause a lot of damage. Contact our psychologists and get professional help in diagnosing and managing depression.

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