Manic Depression

Is there treatment?

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Manic Depression, also known as bipolar disorder, is a condition that is marked by bouts of depressive episodes and manic episodes. There are many variants of manic depression, where each cycle of may differ in frequency, length, and intensity. However, the common denominator is emotional dysregulation.

Is Medication Necessary?

Emotions are regulated by a healthy eqUIlibirum of neurotransmitters in the brain. When these neurotransmitters lean to either side of this eqUIlibrium, this results in an aroused or depressed mood. Often, medications such as lithium is used as a means to ease the shift from either side of the neurotransmitter eqUIlibirum. Mindfulness is an adaptive measure that is non-invasive and highly effective in dealing with manic depression. Our Montreal psychologists are qualified experts in mindfulness and can help persons with manic depression regain control over their lives and prosper, by simply calling 1-855-382-2482.

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