Social Anxiety

Overcoming Social Anxiety

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Social anxiety is often thought of as a disorder that one has or does not have. In reality, it is more of a trait on a spectrum, with on extreme being no anxiety at all and the other extreme being excessive anxiety. Generally, most people tend to be somewhere in the middle of this spectrum while leaning to one end.

When Is Social Anxiety a Problem?

However, when one leans to either side of this spectrum to the extent that it impedes on everyday functioning, then this is maladaptive. Social anxiety is simply being at the anxious extreme of this spectrum, and is maladaptive for social situations as it can lead to self-fulfilling rejection, and social withdawal.

It is necessary to develop coping mechanisms to deal with social anxiety before its social costs become long-lasting. The longer the suffering lasts, the more problematic social anxiety becomes as it can also lead to depression. To free yourself of social anxiety, you can give us a call at 1-855-382-2482.

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