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Welcome to our sex therapy services. Too often, relationship issues focus on random factors like love, passion, commitment, and compatibility. Sometimes, however, the problem is really just sex. At Clinic Dr. Bita, we firmly believe in the importance of quality and quantity. Whether you are a man lacking on the finer details of women, or a woman who cannot experience the depth of your man, our sex therapists can restore your ability to pleasure, and ensure your partners satisfaction to praiseworthy levels.

There are many problems that can arise in sex. Although a common problem for men is excess arousal, lack of arousal can also occur. Similarly, it is more common for lack of arousal to occur with women, yet excess arousal can also take place. The key is to cope with these imbalances and the solutions to each problem are different for men and women, given their different needs. In fact, even women differ with each other in coping mechanisms, as womens sexual preferences tend to change with age, mood, place, day, activity, etc.

Are There Gender-Specific Issues?

We often hear complaints of how women are often not physically aroused, due to them not being emotionally aroused. This can be very confusing for men, and even most women. However, novelty and excitement are the key. Understanding this can simplify your sex life considerably. This begs the questions, how can sex always be novel and exciting for women? You simply need to use your surroundings. As you do things during your day, make sure to find new things to do. This inevitably creates new opportunities, and in turn, new ways to have sex that you would otherwise not have thought of, and encourages passionate, emotionally connected, and high-quality sex. As for excess arousal, this can be solved by simply having more much-deserved sex; rest assured, you will have your mans full support, as more sex is always welcome and never enough.

Another frequent complaint is that men are excessively aroused. The simple solution is to randomly arouse your woman to a point where she is more frequently aroused than you. This restores the sexual eqUIlibrium and ensures maximal quantity of sex. However, frequency does not guarantee quality. To ensure that frequent sex stays frequent, it is important to satisfy your woman emotionally and physically, as this incentivizes more sex in the future. For some women, this can become addictive, which is a rather desirable scenario for men.

At times, men can experience less arousal or erectile dysfunction. To make matters worse, women blame this on porn and shame men in the process. However, this is an oversimplification meant to place the blame away from women. The reality is that sex involves 2 people. There is no need to blame or shame anyone, as the responsibility is inherently shared. Porn can certainly affect sexual performance, but this is not always the case.

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