Child Therapist

Children are susceptible to a variety of psychological disorders, such as anxiety and ADHD. Unfortunately, it is easy not to notice a child’s psychological problems, as they can easily be attributed to a “normal childhood phase” and waiting for the child to outgrow the problem. This is partly because as parents we want our child to be “normal” and healthy. Moreover, it is most painful to imagine your child suffering from any type of emotional pain and you as the parent feeling helpless soothing your child's pain.

As painful as it can be realizing a problem with your child, early detection and intervention can help your child and prevent the progression of the problem. All problems must be addressed as early as possible, and this is where our child psychologist and child therapist will come in to help. At Clinic Dr. Bita, we have qualified child psychology practitioners. They can help assess and tailor a treatment plan the fits best your child's needs.

Child therapy benefits everyone

Of course, it will not be of great help to adults unless they are the parents, but child psychology benefits children of all ages. The first thing you need to acknowledge, even before you start looking for a Montreal child psychologist or therapist, is that young people can also suffer mental health problems. Children are unable to express their feeling. You need to observe and look for sudden changes in your child’s behavior that persist and do not go away after a few days. You might notice your child acting out more than usual or becoming extremely quiet, he might have great distress letting go of you and want to follow you everywhere, or he may start bedwetting or regressing in childhood behaviors. We have a great team of caring, supportive, and expert child psychologists and therapists. When handling children, you need someone who has a clear understanding of children and their behavior.

When to seek a child therapist

There are some issues that are quite easy to handle as a parent, but then there are other situations that need professional attention. There are some disorders like adolescent depression, addiction, anxiety, ADHD and learning disabilities, which will require the help of an expert child therapist that you can find at our clinic.

Recognition of the disorder in its onset is always a plus when it comes to treatment. There are various forms of therapy that work with children. Studies support the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for teenagers, and younger children. However, given that younger children do not know how to express themselves sufficiently, in addition to CBT for children, art therapy and play therapy have shown to be effective methods of treatments, which are offered by our psychologists and therapists.